Overseas Students

This additional information is provided for Overseas students(Students may also be referred to as Clients). You are advised to read through our handbook as well in order to obtain all applicable information prior to enrolling in a program with the Cairns Beauty Academy.

Student Requirements

Overseas Students wishing to enroll must show evidence of an intermediate English ability or a 5.5 result in the International English Exam for Overseas Students. The Cairns Beauty Academy Salon and School has a Learning, Literacy and Numeracy test which is completed at the interview for your student VISA, the test is designed to reflect everyday work situations in the beauty industry.

Students must understand that any breach by themselves (student) of their responsibility in education regarding attendance or satisfactory academic performance will result in a report being sent to the appropriate department of Queensland Education or the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. The Cairns Beauty Academy is required to send this report.

The Client is required to provide personal information and to be aware that the information that they have provided to the Cairns Beauty Academy Salon and School may be made available to ASQA Australian Skills Quality Authority.

The Client is also aware that the Cairns Beauty Academy Salon and School under the DIBP will tell the department about certain changes to the Clients enrolment and any breach by the Client of a Client visa condition relating to attendance or satisfactory academic performance, as applies to overseas Clients who hold a student visa.

Orientation of Clients

Clients who arrive from overseas will be scheduled for an appointment with the Principal or the nearest qualified person of the Cairns Beauty Academy Salon and School to go through a familiarisation process of the rules, regulations and premises of the Cairns Beauty Academy Salon and School prior to the commencement of the Program. This is called an induction and all clients undertake this activity. Overseas Clients are provided access to the Principal at all times for support information and services.

Client Records


Once an overseas Client has enrolled in a program, the Cairns Beauty Academy Salon and School must not allow them to defer commencement of their studies, or suspend their studies, except:

  • On the grounds of illness, evidenced by a doctor’s certificate
  • Or other circumstances beyond the control of the Client.

If a Client defers or suspends their studies on any other grounds, the Cairns Beauty Academy Salon and School must report the Client as not complying with the visa conditions to DIBP via PRISMS.

Records of attendance will be monitored every fortnight for non-attendance to ensure all Client attendance has not been less that 80% of scheduled contact hours. All Clients who do not complete an 80% attendance rate, and do not have a legitimate reason for non attendance, will be reported to the appropriate authorities. All absences that are not appropriate and are pre -approved by the Principal, must be recorded as non-attendance.

Should attendance of any Client be recorded as less than 80 %, the Client will be contacted and offered assistance or counselling by the Clients Trainer/Assessor or the Principal of the Cairns Beauty Academy to resolve the non–compliance as soon as practicable. As soon as the Client is unable to achieve 80% attendance for the remainder of the term/semester the Cairns Beauty Academy must notify DIBP via PRISMS of the Clients’ failure to meet their visa conditions relating to attendance under the Migration Act 1958, and also notify the Client on their non-compliance.

Academic Performance

The Cairns Beauty Academy must keep records of Academic Performance of each accepted Client for each requirement of the program for which the Client is enrolled. The records may be required by DIBP as evidence that a Client satisfied visa requirements relating to attendance and academic performance.

At the end of each term/semester if a Client’s results are unsatisfactory they have the choice to reattempt the assessments a further one more time after a short time of further study. Should the result still be unsatisfactory, the details of the academic performance must be reported to DIBP via PRISMS as the Client not complying with visa conditions.