Statement of Attainment – Body Spa & Massage

Provide Body Treatment

The professional will apply a range of treatments to the body including exfoliation and body wraps, knowledge and skill in the application of a range of massage techniques.

Aesthetic aromatic massage

The professional will apply a range of pre-blended plant oils using a range of massage movements and techniques. It requires body systems and structure knowledge in its application.

Plan and provide the spa treatment

The professional will consult with clients to select the correct spa treatments including hot rocks, dry brush.

Blend a range of aromatic plant oils

Expression of knowledge of blending aroma plant oils to suit the clients needs, knowledge of the adverse effects of the oils and history of aromatherapy.

Lymphatic Drainage

Applications of superficial manual lymph drainage massage techniques. Apply knowledge of the lymphatic system and skill in the application of appropriate massage techniques.

Provide the massage

The application of full body massage to the entire body using deeper massage techniques to the muscle and bone area. Indian head massage application is separate. The use of all skilled massage techniques to provide the correct sequence of movements to suit the client.

Completed separately inquire at CBA reception or email-

Hot Rocks Massage

$300 for 1/2 day training, to participate in this training you must hold a massage certificate or experience in massage

Other Massage Techniques e.g. Pregnancy Massage $300 for 1/2 day training

Anatomy and Physiology

An overview of the knowledge of the body systems is applied to massage and body treatments.

Core Units

  • SHBBSPA002  Provide Spa Therapies
  • SHBBBOS003A Provide Body treatments
  • SIBBSPA503A Provide a Spa Program
  • SHBBBOS002 Perform a body massage= completed separately $500 full day of training (great for refresh or home massage)
  • SHBBSPA003 Provide a stone therapy massage= completed separately $300 1/2 day training, must have massage experience
  • SHBBSPA004 Provide indian head massage for relational= completed separately $300 1/2 day training, must have massage experience

This Statement of Attainment will allow a competent person to work in a spa treatment salon or a massage treatment workplace.

Each participant must demonstrate a sound knowledge of massage and spa therapy to be deemed competent in this course.

Upon competency the participant will receive a Statement of Attainment in each unit you complete,

All units are accredited by the National Beauty Training Package and Imported from the Health Training Package of Vocation Education and Training.

This is a statement of attainment certified course, it is a part of the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, this course will allow you to work in the spa industry. The total cost of this course is $2000.00.  A deposit of $500 is required on enrollment with a balance of $1,500 to be paid of commencement of your training.  The course runs on a Friday 9am to 1pm for 5 weeks.